Wake up in a new fjord village every morning



Imagine waking up every morning in a new place along the fjord. On your trip with MS Slogen you will! Enjoy breakfast and prepare your packed lunch with the fragrance of salty sea and a surrounding wild nature before starting each day’s tour experience.

At the bow in front you will find our exclusive and quite special bar – an ideal spot for enjoying a refreshing drink after your day of adventures. On deck you will find a large seating space, accompanied with a beautiful, recreational view. We can also serve you fresh shrimps or arrange a barbecue on board, grill your catch of fish from the fjord in the barn Grindaløa at Sæbø – or cater a three-course dinner at one of the local establishments. You can indulge yourself with a bath in the bath tub on deck, filled with heated, clean water from Hjørundfjorden. The breathtaking view of fjords and mountains is stunning – in biting winter cold as well as in summer. Enjoy an escape from the everyday life. Listen to the sound of rolling waves and lose yourself in the vision of wild nature and a feeling of tranquillity.



From the day we started to transport goods and people to different fjord locations, the people of Sunnmøre have chosen the sea route. The wanderlust has been a part of our lives from the very beginning and the sea has provided several extreme adventures in Norwegian history.

Fjord Exploring is located in the panoramic Hjørundfjorden. This is where we facilitate both spectacular and peaceful trips in dramatic surroundings. The team behind the company knows the area inside out and takes you to places you never knew existed – by the fjord and in the mountains.

Experiences are tailor-made to fit each single tour group, giving you a real impression of life within and around the fjord. Whether your dream is an easy hiking trip or to climb challenging mountain peaks, you are invited to experience Norwegian maritime history and enjoy majestic nature on board the MS Slogen.


  • 17 beds divided into seven twin cabins and one triple cabin
  • Three showers and four toilets
  • Space for up to 60 passengers
  • Bar with liquor license
  • Bath tub with heated, clean sea water from Hjørundfjorden
  • Large outdoor deck with a spectacular view
  • Good facilities for cleaning and drying of clothes and shoes
  • Salon with seats for 24 people
  • Conference facilities
  • Lounge area

Saloon with 24 seats available

We have a newly re-decorated saloon which seats 24 guests. You will have your breakfast served here every morning, and some of your dinners will also get served there.

Dining room

Diningroom with conference fasilities. We have a large TV-screen which the guides uses for trip-planning, and also to show pictures after the return of your daily trip. The boat is very well suited for conferenses.

Seating group

Next to the saloon, there is a small seatinggroup with sofa and comfortable chairs.


Upstears you will find our bar. Here we can tempt you with good drinks, with and without alcohol. When sleeping onboard, we have the permit to serve beer and wine, while we on our daily trips also can serve you a wiskey in the bath-tub.


Here you can sit and enjoy the gorgeous view while we are sailing on the fjords to your next adventure.


The kitchen is equipped with micro-oven, dishwasher and all facilities needed to prepare a good breakfast onboard. On our overnight trips we have our own staff to take care of serveing your breakfast.

Downstairs hallway

Downstairs from the bar, you will find all the cabins except from the triplet one. Here is also the kitchen and a storage for your skiing boots in addition to a place for drying your clothes.

Area for drying your clothes

At the end of the downstairs hallway, your will find a place for storing your skiing boots and drying your clothes in front of the heating-pump. Here you can dry your clothes quickly, so they are ready for your next day in the mountains.

Tumbledryer and washing mashine

At the entrance to the saloon, you will find a washing mashine and a tumbledryer. Here you will have the ability to wash your clothes if needed on our longer trips.


We have four toilets onboard, two by the saloon, and two downstairs by the cabins.


Two of the toilets is next to the saloon.

Shower fasilities

We have three showers onboard, which is localized by the entrance to the saloon next to the toilets.

Cabin number 1

Double cabins with a small sofa-group and storage for your clothes under the lower bed.

Cabin number 1

In addition to a sofa, cabin number number 1 also have a sink.

Cabin number 2

Cabin number 2 has a sink in the room, and storage for your clothes in drawers and closets.

Cabin number 3

Doublecabins with bunkbeds and sinks in cabin number 3. There is storage for your clothes behind the door.

Cabin number 4

Double cabin with bunkbed and a small table. There is storage for your clothes in a closet.

Cabin number 5

Doublecabin with a small sink in the room. There is storage for your clothes in a closet.

Cabin number 6

Doublecabin with bunkbeds. Next to the toilets downstairs you will find our two newest cabins. The beds are tailormade to the rooms, and these are the only cabins without sinks, but you will find toilets and sinks just across the hall outside your cabin.

Cabin number 7

One our our two new cabins. Tailormade beds to the room, whit locker inside the door. This cabin is also located next to the toilet and sinks downstairs, and has no sink in the room.

Cabin number 8

Our only triplet cabin is located upstears next to the saloon. Here you will find three tailor-built beds and storage for your clothes in a closet behind the door.


You are welcome to visit our skipper. Here you can have a small talk while enjoying the view in every directions.


On deck, you will find our tailorbuild hottub. We pump fresh seawather from the Hjørundfjord, and heat it to comfortable 38 degrees celsius. It is incredible to sink in after a long hike in the mountains.




This fjord ploughs 35 kilometres through the mighty Sunnmøre alps. Places like Sæbø, Urke, Trandal, Viddal, Bjørke and Øye lie scattered here – accommodating mountaineers for several hundred years.


The mountains in this area stretch vertically from the sea level to the sky not only sutable for those wanting to klimb the tops, but also for easier trips by foot, bicycling, paddeling or fishing. The fjord has also local foodtraditions, culture and historie.


From Sæbø, the largest of the villages among the fjord, you can reach summits like Grøtdalstind, Dalegubben and Skårasalen. The trip to Skårasalen can also be done as a transitional tour to reach the charming village Skår – the smallest of the villages around the fjord with only two people living there.

Gunnarråsa, Olavshola and Sæbønestua is great alternatives from Sæbø for those who dont want to go to the highest mountains but still want to enjoy the great view of Hjørundfjorden from above.

Near the majestic and spectacular peak Slogen lies the venerable Hotel Union Øye. Since the opening in 1891, the hotel has accommodated adventurers, celebrities, kings and queens who came to enjoy the peace and tranquillity in magnificent surroundings. Norangsdalen, one of Norway’s narrowest and most beautiful valleys, lies just a bike ride away.

Although Hjørundfjorden is mainly famous for the surrounding spectacular mountain peaks, it is ideal not only for height-seekers. The fjord is also an excellent starting point for easy walks, bike rides, paddling or fishing. Gunnarråsa, the cave Olavshola and Sæbønestua are excellent hiking alternatives with fantastic views if climbing peaks is not your cup of tea. A visit at the charming attraction Christian Gaard will give you an unforgettable experience of Norwegian rural culture. Remember to try Norway’s most famous swing while you are there!




Saksa have become a popular mountain to hike, after sherpas made stone-stairs towards the top. The starting point to hike Saksa is at Urke in Nordangsfjord, a fjord streching out of Hjørundfjord. In the innermost part of Nordansfjord is Øye, and there you can hike the majestic Mt Slogen, which is one of the most spectacular mountains to hike in this area. Here is also the beautiful old Hotel Union Øye, since the opening in 1891 have been visited by royals and adventurers. They have visited to enjoy the peace and silence among the steap mountains. From Øye it is also possible to take a bicycle trip to one of Norways most narrowest and beautiful valleys, Nordansdalen. 

At the innermost part of Hjørudfjord is Bjørke, where you can find the old farm, Bakketunet, which has a 400 years old history.

Bjørke is a nice startingpoint for summits like Kårdalstindane which gives a spectacular view of Hjørundfjorden which you will never forget.

On our way to Bjørke, we will pass the charming small village Finnes, whish is located on the edge of the fjord. There has been living people in Finnes since year 6oo.  Come join us, and let us show you around.


  • Hiking trips on easy paths or in challenging mountains
  • Summit ski tours
  • Cycling on narrow roads along the fjord or on terrain paths
  • Kayak paddling in the fjord
  • River paddling
  • Fishing in the fjord or the river
  • Skiing in locations with ski lifts
  • Climbing

The fjord area offers endless opportunities. Contact us and we will arrange your stay.

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From the small village Sæbø, you can reach Gunnarråsa in a little hour. You will soon come out of the woods, and the view will take your breath away. You find a small porch with roof where you can sit and enjoy the silence, or you can use the swing located there or the hammock for a nap.


Fladalen can be reached from Standalseidet, and there you can find beatiful mountains like Langenestinden or Sætretindane by foot or skiing. There is also a water which is the perfect spot for your tent or fishing during summertime.

Kayac paddeling

Its fantastic to slide over the fjord a quiet morning, with the only sound that could be heard is your oars hitting the water. If you are lucky, you might spot the eagle living in the mighty mountain in the middle of the famous fjordcross, Stålberghornet. We will offer kayac-trips combined with our multipleday adventures with MS Slogen.


From Holen, only 4 kilometers from Sæbø, you can reach Holedalen with wonderful mountains in all directions. From here you can reach Grøtdalstinden from east, you can go over to Standalseidet, or you can reach teh summit of Kjepen, 960 masl seen on the picture. From Kjeipen you can go further up tp Lisjedalshornet, 1274 masl which have a spectacular view of the fjord.

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