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From the day we started to transport goods and people to different fjord locations, the people of Sunnmøre have chosen the sea route. The wanderlust has been a part of our lives from the very beginning and the sea has provided several extreme adventures in Norwegian history.

Fjord Exploring is located in the panoramic Hjørundfjorden. This is where we facilitate both spectacular and peaceful trips in dramatic surroundings. The team behind the company knows the area inside out and takes you to places you never knew existed – by the fjord and in the mountains.

Experiences are tailor-made to fit each single tour group, giving you a real impression of life within and around the fjord. Whether your dream is an easy hiking trip or to climb challenging mountain peaks, you are invited to experience Norwegian maritime history and enjoy majestic nature on board the MS Slogen.

Nedkøyring Saksa


Imagine waking up every morning in a new place along the fjord. On your trip with MS Slogen you will! Enjoy breakfast and prepare your packed lunch with the fragrance of salty sea and a surrounding wild nature before starting each day’s tour experience.

At the bow in front you will find our exclusive and quite special bar – an ideal spot for enjoying a refreshing drink after your day of adventures. On deck you will find a large seating space, accompanied with a beautiful, recreational view. We can also serve you fresh shrimps or arrange a barbecue on board, grill your catch of fish from the fjord in the barn Grindaløa at Sæbø – or cater a three-course dinner at one of the local establishments. You can indulge yourself with a bath in the bath tub on deck, filled with heated, clean water from Hjørundfjorden. The breathtaking view of fjords and mountains is stunning – in biting winter cold as well as in summer. Enjoy an escape from the everyday life. Listen to the sound of rolling waves and lose yourself in the vision of wild nature and a feeling of tranquillity.

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This small fjord boat touched the sea for the first time in 1959. The boat transported goods, live animals and people in Sogn og Fjordane for 40 years, shuttling from islands into roadless fjord villages. It was also used for keeping the fairway open through cold winters as an icebreaker, before it left the route to whale watching in the north. The last couple of years, MS Slogen has been used as an aquaculture work boat. The boat is the last of three identical boats – MS Hennøy (1957), MS Vaagsøy (1958) and MS Tansøy (1959). The MS Tansøy is now renamed MS Slogen.



This fjord ploughs 35 kilometres through the mighty Sunnmøre alps. Places like Sæbø, Urke, Trandal, Viddal, Bjørke and Øye lie scattered here – accommodating mountaineers for several hundred years.

The mountains in this area stretch vertically from the sea level to the sky. Jønshornet (1419masl), Kviteggja (1717), Randers topp (1414) and Mohns topp (1340) are sought after targets for mountaineers and skiers from all over the world. Behind Mohns topp lies the popular climbing peak Bladet. During the last couple of years, Saksa (1073) has also become popular, especially after the Sherpas built steps to make ascension to the top more pleasurable.

Near the majestic and spectacular peak Slogen lies the venerable Hotel Union Øye. Since the opening in 1891, the hotel has accommodated adventurers, celebrities, kings and queens who came to enjoy the peace and tranquillity in magnificent surroundings. Norangsdalen, one of Norway’s narrowest and most beautiful valleys, lies just a bike ride away.

Although Hjørundfjorden is mainly famous for the surrounding spectacular mountain peaks, it is ideal not only for height-seekers. The fjord is also an excellent starting point for easy walks, bike rides, paddling or fishing. Gunnarråsa, the cave Olavshola and Sæbønestua are excellent hiking alternatives with fantastic views if climbing peaks is not your cup of tea. A visit at the charming attraction Christian Gaard will give you an unforgettable experience of Norwegian rural culture. Remember to try Norway’s most famous swing while you are there!


On our way, we are sometimes lucky and get a glimpse of orcas hunting for herring. As our guest, you will also become familiar with local food traditions, cultural experiences and an exciting history. Let us show you around.

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