Vakne i ei ny fjordbygd kvar morgon

Tailormade trips

Do you want to have a celebration on MS Slogen? Or maybe a surprise-trip for your employees, christmasparty or similar? We can make tailor-made trips for your needs, and serve what you would like to eat. We can barbeeque on board or serve local food. If you like to have dinner in one of the local restaurants along the fjord, Christian Gaard, Hotel Union Øye, or Sagafjord Sæbø for a three-course dinner thats ofcourse also possible.

MS SLogen have seats for 60 day-passangers.

Contact us with your request, and we will make a tailor made offer to meet your needs.

3 – 4 hours fjord-cruise

This includes a trip on the fjord for upto 60 persons. The bar is open, and you can for instance order BBQ or seafood for an additional cost.



  From 14.950,-

4 – 8 hours fjord-cruise

Here, for instance, we can pick you up in Ålesund, and go into Hjørundfjorden for a meal at Christian Gaard or Hotel Union Øye. We can also tempt you with a tour to the northernmost vineyard in the world, Haule farm in Viddal. Maybe you want a SPA-trip, where we fill our bathtub on deck with fresh seawater and rent the sauna in Sæbø?

  From 29.900,-

Longer trips?

We can take 60 day-passengers on daytrips upto 12 hours. If you want to spend the night, there is 17 beds onboard in 7 double and one triple cabin.

Around our fjord, we have a lot of great transitional tours where logistic normally is a problem. By using our boat, this is no longer a problem, we bring you and pick you up with the bathtub ready on your return with cold refreshment from our bar.


12 hours daytrip

MS Slogen is the perfect choise for transitional trips in the Hjørundfjord. We will wait for you on the other side of the mountain with our hottub on deck ready for you. 


  From 44.500,-


Spend the night in one of our spacious double cabins, and start your day with a great breakfast made of local foods under the majestic Alps of Sunnmore.

  From 58.900,-


+47 948 76 213 / +47 975 13 287


Øyragata 49, 6165 Sæbø


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