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 Here you can read our terms and conditions for booking aktivities and/or stay at Fjord Exploring AS.

We recommend you to get familiar with the terms and conditions prior booking.  By booking a stay or aktivity with Fjord Exploring AS, you accept our terms and conditions.

Booking of stays and activities at Fjord Exploring AS is performed through our website,  www.fjordexploring.no, by email info@fjordexploring.no, through trekksoft.com or by telephone  +47 948 76 213. You will alway get a written confirmation on emai.


 Group-booking schall be paid in full 14 days after receiving the written confirmaton and payment information. 

Single-booking is paid through Trekksoft or through our website.


For activities which last for more than 24 hours, following applies;

Bookings can be canselled no more than 3 weeks prior the start of the activities. Cansellations later than 3 weeks prior start of activities has to be paid according to the following;

•   Cansellation 21 to 15 days prior start of activities/stay, the customer is obliged to pay 50 % of the total amount.

  • Cansellations less than 15 days prior start of stay/activities, the booking needs to be paid in full. 

For packages / activities which last for less than 24 hours, the following applies;

Bookings can be canselled more than 14 days prior start of activities with full refund. Cansellations less than 14 days prior start of activities, the following applies; 

  • Cansellation 7 to 14 days prior start of activities, the customer needs to pay 50% of the total amount.
  • Cansellation less than 7 days prior start of activities needs to be paid in full.

If the booking you have made, includes two of the three following, the law ”Lov om Pakkereiser of 25.8.1995, pakkereiselova § 2-1” applies. (1) Transportation, (2) lodging and/or (3) other turistservices which is to be considered to be a main part of the package.

 The combination of those parts has to be put together prior booking, sold or advertised at a total price and needs to last for at least 24 hours or include one stay-over.  An exampel could be a stay at MS Slogen which also includes a guided hike with transportation to the startpoint of the hike.

Fjord Exploring guarantes according to this law in those circumstanses it is needed.

 For more information about conditions related to this law, please see http://www.rgf.no/
and http://www.forbrukerradet.no/publikasjoner/fakta/article.jhtml?articleID=317762 

Please note! Fjord Exploring do not offer insurance for cansellation, and we do reccommend you to get a privat insurance which also covers cansellations.


 For changes of activiteis and packages wich lasts for more than 24 hours, following applies:

  • Changes done 30 to 65 days prior start of activities can be done for a fee of 1000 NOK/person.
  • Changes can not be done less than 30 days prior start of activities. 

For changes of activities which lasts for less than 24 hours, following applies;

  • A fee of 400 NOK/person.

Changes can only be done if there is available capasity, and if there is an extra cost the customer will be charged.

Fjord Exploring AS’ changes and cansellations of activities

  • Fjord Exploring AS can change the terms and conditins for the disadvantage of the customer only if it is needed due to circumstances which we can not influence.
  • Fjord Exploring AS has the right to cansel tours if there is some sudden changes along the travel distance which can lead to some kind of danger for the customer.
  • The participants can cansel the agreement if Fjord Exploring is not fulfilling their part of the agreement, and this have a big inpact for the customer.  The participant schall inform Fjord Exploring about this within reasonable time, otherwise the customer loose their right to cansel the agreement.
  • If the minimum amount of participant is not acheved, Fjord Exploring AS have the right to cansel the activities within reasonable time without giving the customer any compensatin other than the amount the customer has pad for the activities. Fjord Exploring AS can offer a similar activities at a later point of time.


Weather conditions

If the planned activities is not possible to do due to weather conditions, the customer will get an offer for another activities. Please note, the customer will be charged if the other activities is more expensive than the planned activities. There will not be any compensation for any unforseen causes not caused by Fjord Exploring.

Following applies for participant under the age of 18 years.

  • Persons 16-18 years can participate alone if they have their parents signature.
  • Persons under the age of 16, shall participate with their parents or another adult companion. 

The fee for persons under the age of 18 is the same as for adult participant. 

For activities which is physical demanding, and/or special equipment is needed,  Fjord Exploring have the right to refuse participants to participate if this can result in the total group can not do the activities due to this. Fjord Exploring AS will not pay costs which is caused by participants lack of physical level of fitness or other personal conditions. There will not be a refund due to cansellation of activities in such circumstanses. Fjord Exploring AS’ guides have the right to change the activity plan due to circumstanses not under their control. 

Participants responsibility when participating on activities.

  • The participant is obliged to follow the guides recommodation and respect the roules and regulations for the activities, transportation, boat and act in such a manner that other participants is beeing interrupted or feel discomfer.  If a participant is breaking this roules,Fjord Exploring AS has the right to refuse the participant to continue to join the activities/trip.
  • The participants is responsible for, and shall pay for any damage on Fjord Explorings belongings or other customers/persons belongings by not following our roules and regulations.
  • Participants which leave the activities after the start of the activities, is obliged to inform Fjord Exploring AS about this.

Included in the price
See respective activities at www.fjordexploring.no

Insurance is not a part of the price, and Fjord Exploring reccomend all participants to buy a private travel and accident insurance which also covers cansellations.  If the customer already have an insurance, we reccomend teh customer to chech it it covers this kind of activities.

Fjord Exploring do not offer cansellation insurance. 

Sales agents and distributors Salsagentar og distributørar
For trips bought through sales agents or distributors, the roules and regulations for that country and that agent applies.

Any reclamation schall be done immediate and not at the end of the activity. This is to give Fjord Exploring a chanse to make this right at once. This also applies for Fjord Exploring to being able to handle a written reclamation after the tours end. Any written reclamation shall be received by Fjord Exploring no longer than one month after the activities ends. If there is an agreement between the parts at the time of the reclamation, it can not be claimed anymore after the trip ends.

The parts shall try to get to an agreement through engotiations. If there is no agreement, the disagreement can be solved through the “Forliksrådet” or another corthouse.














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